Monday, 19 September 2016

Monday Mural - Blue Swimmer Crab

Another one of the seven murals painted for the "Underline: Freo Rail Bridge Mural Project" in November 2015, on Tydeman street in North Fremantle.
This one was painted by Dutch born and Fremantle resident artist Amok Island and it's called "Blue Swimmer Crab".
Apparently the artist catches this type of crabs in the nearby Swan River, so he thought it would be a fitting subject to paint.

For more murals from around the world please click this link.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Baby Shower & cat anniversary

My son and daughter in law's baby shower was held this afternoon. 
It was originally meant to be held at the beach park near their home, but due to the weather prevision for wind and rain, this morning it was changed to their house.
It wasn't the traditional shower just for the ladies, they decided to include the male partners too.

It was a lovely afternoon with around 30 of their friends, lots of food - a table full of savoury food and a table full of sweets - funny games and in the end the opening of the gifts.

The Zucchini and Avocado dip and Olive Tapenade that I made
Devilled Eggs and veggie sticks for the dips
 Sara is very talented, and she baked and iced a cake for baby J.


Cutting the cake
The bounty of baby presents
And I just remembered this morning that my cats were born 9 years ago yesterday.
Here are Shelley, Twiggy and the ginger male is Fluffy.
I was going through some of the latest cat photos and all I could find was photos of them sleeping...they do sleep a lot - eat and sleep -  no wonder they are so chubby!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Expat Interview, preparing for a Baby shower and Gardening

Hi,  hope you're having a lovely Saturday.

A few days ago an interview I gave last year, was published in the Expatfinder website.

Click on this link to read it.  You can also read other interviews from expats living all over the world by going to the "Community" tag on the right, and clicking expat interviews.

With my daughter in law's baby shower this Sunday, the two organizers gave me the task of making some of the food. So this morning I boiled 2 dozen eggs and made Devilled eggs, Olive Tapenade and Avocado & Zucchini dip and prepared Brazilian Cheese rolls.
Tomorrow I will bake the cheese rolls so they are nice and fresh and I'll cut up some veggies for the dip platter too.
I haven't taken photos yet, but will take tomorrow at the Baby shower.

The Baby-shower invitation handmade by my daughter in law

Because it was a sunny day and our garden has been neglected over the winter months, I headed outside and spent a couple of hours cleaning dead leaves, weeding and changing plants around.
A friend had given us some succulents a few months ago, they had grown and some of them were now pot-bound so they needed to be repotted into bigger pots.

All the plants in pots sitting on the pebbles are now in bigger pots. Once I finish painting one of the fences I will then re-pot these succulents on the soil.

All the plants on top of the table were full of weeds too which were removed, but they are also awaiting repotting.

This plant was root-bound and had some disgusting slugs at the bottom of the vase. I removed brown leaves, loosened the roots and planted directly on soil.

Weeds galore after all the winter rain...

Before - full of weeds

After - weeds removed

What about these flowers, are they magnificent? They belong to the Aeonium Zwartkop, original to the Canary Islands.
I have dozens of these plants that I propagated from the leaves of a single plant and this is the first time one of these has flowered. Sadly it also means that the plant will die.

Zwartkop Aeonium
 I noticed that the banana tree has a flower stalk which means we will get bananas sometime, don't know when...but it's the first time since it was planted 4 years ago.

I collected a few passion-fruit that had fallen from the vines. I usually add them to my breakfast yogurt.

It was quite a productive afternoon and I really enjoyed being outdoors and working in the garden! I can't remember when I had last done some gardening...

Enjoy your weekend.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Monday Mural - The old man and the sea

Right next to the mural from last week's post, was this mural of a gray bearded pipe smoking fisherman surrounded by the see waves, ropes, surfers, lighthouse, all relating to the former fishermen's village of Cascais .
Painted by Youth One (real name - Adalberto da Costa Brito, he was born in Angola), the mural can be found at Travessa Visconde da Luz in Cascais (Portugal).

And the poem painted on the pink wall that I thought was part of the mural with the knitting grandmother actually belongs to this mural.

"The village and the beach made the fisherman go to sea, while the seagull flies sliding in the sky, following the boat ready to anchor. The lighthouse lights the way, bringing adventurers, while the wave grows, making the soul smile. The sun gives life to the sky, joy reborn...
Deep down, we are all a part of everything.  YOUTH"

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Movie Night with Miss Jones

Every Saturday I buy the weekend newspaper "The Weekend West". I get hundreds of pages to read as well as the TV magazine for the week, and once in a while I even remember to enter some of the competitions, and I've won 3 or 4 too!

This Saturday I entered 3 of the competitions online, and on Monday I got a phone call to say I had won 2 tickets to the preview of "Bridget Jones's Baby".

(photo from internet)

SSo yesterday, Wednesday, my husband and I went to the movies. I met up with him after work, collected the tickets from the Box office and we still had time to have a bite to eat at an Italian restaurant in the Cinema complex before the 7 pm start.

I had seen the previous two Bridget Jones movies - Bridget Jones Diary and Bridget Jones - the Edge of Reason and enjoyed them.

Both movies were actually shown on TV last week and today as a refresher for the new one I presume, but I found "Bridget Jones's Baby" a lot funnier. 
I laughed from beginning to end (I do have a good sense of humour, so that could be expected) but I wasn't the only one!

Twelve years later, the upper class English gentleman Mark Darcy played by Colin Firth, and the other man in Bridget's life, Jack Qwant (Dr McDreamy no less), the sexy Patrick Dempsey battle to win Bridget's heart and the right to father her son.
The actor Hugh Grant doesn't feature in this movie.

Thanks to the "Weekend West" and to "Two Pommie Sheilas" for the tickets.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Monday Mural - knitting granny

Mural painted on the walls of the old hospital in the town of Cascais (Portugal).
The old lady appears to be knitting a scarf of sea waves and saying "Nao quero aqui macacadas" which means "No monkey business here".
The other wall has a man fishing from a van.
Painted by Portuguese artist Mario Belem, at Rua Nova de Alfarrobeira nr. 16, for Muraliza 2014 (a street art initiative in Cascais).

The van has a sign that says "Conta-me historias" (tell me stories) and on the window "Volto ja" (I'll be back soon)

On the third wall a poem about "the village and the beach", is signed by Youth, so may not have been painted by the same muralist.  

Sunday, 4 September 2016

A double celebration

Australians celebrated Father's day today, but apart from that today was also my son's 30th birthday.

To celebrate both occasions the 4 of us (my, hubby, son and daughter in law) went out to lunch to an Italian restaurant in Fremantle - La Sosta.
Fremantle restaurants and esplanades were packed with families enjoying the beautiful sunny day and mild temperatures of 22C.

The food was delicious but due to the double floor restaurant being full, it took ages to get our food, but the staff were very apologetic and came by once in a while to update us on the progress.

And to celebrate my son's 30th, here are a few photos of his early years.

At 4 days old at the Clinic where he was born

A cheeky boy at 20 months
Michael was born in Germany, during our almost 6 year stay there. He was always a inquisitive, clever cheeky boy, always smiling and always on the run as soon as he started crawling.
He used to talk non-stop when he started talking too, and he would sometimes drive me crazy with his frequent questions about the world around him. 
He's grown into a good-hearted, caring, respectful and still inquisitive young man, but a lot quieter now...
And he's soon going to be a Father too, with baby J expected to be born in November!

And tomorrow we will celebrate hubby's birthday with a dinner at home just for the 4 of us.

A selfie after lunch -  Me, hubby Jose, daughter in law Sara and Michael